Bring your vegie patch to life

Autumn and winter provides an array of tasty vegetables for the kitchen table, so why not get cool season crops like cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and broad beans in the ground to inspire a feast of winter and spring dishes.

Don’t forget to plant leafy greens like lettuces and silverbeet too for garden fresh salads and stir-fries.

How to bring your vegie patch to life with Seasol
How do grow winter n the garden or pot.

Growing vegies in a garden or pot.

Vegies are hungry little things, so here’s our recipe for a bumper crop! To get vegies off to a flying start, soil preparation is a must. Most vegetables require an open, sunny position with good drainage, so dig plenty of homemade compost and organic matter and/or Seasol Super Compost to your soil. If possible let the soil for a couple of weeks. If your soil is not free-draining or you don’t have the space, consider planting into pots using a premium potting mix such as Seasol Advanced Potting Mix.

Brassicas such as cauliflowers, cabbage and broccoli don’t like the soil to be too acidic, so where necessary dig in a couple of handfuls of lime when preparing the ground too.

Planting vegies in a garden or pot.

Vegies can be grown from seeds or seedlings. Seeds can be sown direct or grown in seed raising mix and transplanted as seedlings. Consider a seed raising mix such as Seasol Seed Raising & Cutting Potting Mix as it is especially formulated for seed germination and plant propagation. Seasol or Seasol GOLD can also help to increase germination rates when applied to direct sown seeds.

Seedlings can be planted directly into the soil or potting mix. Water young seedlings in with a solution of Seasol or Seasol GOLD to get them off to a flying start. Mix 40mL of Seasol or Seasol GOLD concentrate in 9 litres of water (standard watering can) and apply it at planting time and every fortnight through the growing season.

Before planting seedlings mix Seasol Plant + Soil Booster into the soil to boost soil health. Water plants in with Seasol or Seasol GOLD to help aid plant establishment and strong root development. Regular doses of Seasol encourages strong, healthy plants with better resistance to stress, pests and disease.

Handy Hints - How to grow tasty winter vegies
How to grow tasty, vegies with Seasol

Happy and healthy vegies.

Give plants regular weekly to fortnightly doses of PowerFeed PRO SERIES  for Tomatoes & Vegetables to promote bigger yields of tastier vegies. Start off by mixing 20mL of PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Tomatoes & Vegetables concentrate together with 9 litres of water (standard watering can) and apply it regularly every two weeks. As the plants grow and mature, increase application rates to 50mL of PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Tomatoes & Vegetables per 9 litres of water.

Supplement feeding every 6-8 weeks with granular PowerFeed Controlled Release Tomatoes & Vegetables to help improve plant growth, flowering and fruiting and to revitalise depleted soils. Remember to water it in thoroughly after application.

Tasting yummy vegies.

Check seedling labels for guidelines on when your crop is ready to harvest or check out our specific guides to growing tomatoes and vegetables. Remember to always wash vegies thoroughly after picking and before eating.

Pests and fungal diseases.

Check our tomato and vegie guides for specific pests and diseases for your particular crop or check out our pest and fungal disease guides.

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