Autumn and spring are popular planting seasons, although most potted plants can be planted in any season if conditions are right with mild temperatures so it’s not too hot or too cold. Avoid planting during periods of extreme weather as plants need stress-free conditions to recover from transplant shock and establish healthy growth.

Good preparation is essential, so before planting, follow our tips for potting mix for potted plants.

Follow these simple steps to successful pot plant establishment.

  1. Select the right pot for the plant. Factors that may influence this decision include pot size, position and aesthetics.
    1. The right size pot for the plant, depends on the plant itself. As a guide, select a pot that easily contains the plant’s root ball with room for new growth.
    2. The pot’s position within the house or outside in the garden can dictate pot selection. If the pot is located in a sunny position, then a lighter colour pot that reflects the sun may be the better choice. If it is in an exposed situation a heavy container is important to avoid damage from the pot blowing over.
    3. Aesthetics are also import, for example, if the pot has to be a certain colour or size to match the décor or theme.
  1. Before planting, fill a bucket or other large container with water and Seasol and completely submerge the plant to be repotted (to the soil level). Wait until bubbles stop, then remove the pot and allow it to drain.
  2. Choose a pot with drainage holes in its base or a separate water reservoir. Partially fill pot with potting mix. If it is a large, heavy, outdoor pot, you might want to move it to where it will sit permanently, before potting it.
  3. Squeeze or tap the pot gently before removing the plant from the pot. This makes it easier to remove the root ball from the pot. Loosening and breaking up the root system is not required with small plants, but may be necessary for plants with large root systems.
  4. Place the plant into the partially filled pot and put more potting mix in around the root ball. Press the potting mix gently around the plant so the mix is approximately 25mm below the rim of pot.  The plant should be at the same depth in its new pot as it was in the original container (don’t bury the stem or expose surface roots).

6. Water in gently with Seasol and let the pot drain.

7. Surround the new plant with a layer of mulch to keep the roots cool and moist. Use an organic mulch such as sugar cane or an inorganic mulch such as pebbles or gravel. Finally place plants in position.

8. Periodically check on your plant’s progress. Apply Seasol every week for the first 4-6 weeks to get the plant off to a flying start. Continue with regular applications of Seasol throughout the year to boost growth and performance.

There are enough nutrients within a Premium potting mix such as Seasol Advance Potting Mix or Seasol Indoor Potting Mix for up to six months, but some plants will require additional nutrients depending on their growing needs and the climatic conditions around them. Liquid feed with a complete fertiliser such as PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives or for indoor plants PowerFeed Indoor and Potted Plants (apply to the soil). They are safe for all plants including natives.