Plants in pots come under more stresses than those in the garden as they are confined to a container. They can’t send their roots out into the soil to find moisture and nutrients. Whatever they need to grow must be found in the potting mix. This means supplying plants with the best possible potting mixes.

It is important to note that normal garden soil isn’t recommended for use in pots as it becomes compacted, can be poorly drained, lacks good aeration and may introduce weed, pest or disease problems to plants. Potting mix, which is made from composted bark, was developed to fulfil all the growing needs of potted plants and provides the best option for container growing.

Potting mix for outdoor and indoor pots

To ensure potted plants are strong and healthy, seek out a Premium (red tick) potting mix such as Seasol Advanced Potting Mix. The red ticks on the bag indicate a mix meets the Australian Standard for Premium Potting Mix and is of high quality. Seasol Advanced Potting Mix contains:

  1. A slow-release fertiliser to feed plants for up to six months.
  2. A wetting agent to ensure moisture easily penetrates the mix and stays within reach of the plant’s root system.
  3. Seaweed (in the form of Seasol GOLD) to help promote a strong root system and healthy growth as well as to reduce stress from heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases.
  4. Organic matter including compost to improve plant development and health.

Note: Seasol Advanced Potting Mix is recommended to use to grow all plants except phosphorous-sensitive natives.

Potting mix for indoor plants

While general Premium potting mixes suit all plants, there are also mixes designed to meet the needs of specific plants. Seasol Indoor Potting Mix provides the best growing conditions for indoor plants.

Indoor plants can suffer from low-light, radiant heat from heaters in winter or cold draughts from air conditioners in summer. They may also be left too dry or lack their preferred levels of humidity. Sometimes too much TLC such as over watering causes stress. As well as needing a quality potting mix for good root growth, indoor plants need a mix that can help combat the stresses of life indoors.

By selecting a specific Premium indoor potting mix (look for the red ticks on the bag), you help your indoor plants can cope with the stresses of life spent indoors in a pot. The inclusion of seaweed (as Seasol GOLD) helps the plant withstand stress from heat, cold, pests, diseases and low light. It also helps reduce transplant shock and aids plant establishment.

Seasol Indoor Potting Mix is recommended for indoor plants as it contains the following ingredients.

  • Organic matter including compost to negate the stresses of potted plant life.
  • A slow-release fertiliser to provide a balance of  nutrients and trace elements for up to six months to promote healthy plant growth.
  • A wetting agent to help the mix to absorb water and let the water get to where the plant needs it around its roots.

Whenever you pot your indoor plants always use Seasol Indoor Potting Mix and water in with Seasol.