SprayMate clicks on to most hose-end spray packs for easier more efficient operation. Makes on-off spraying with hose-end spray bottles easy to use and operate.

Spraymates are only available directly from Customer Service. Sorry, they are not available from any stores listed in "Where to buy" further down.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits:

  • SprayMate clicks on to Seasol, PowerFeed and most other hose-on spray packs.
  • It provides leak free on/off control at the hose end.
  • No more leaks, hose crimping or water wastage.

SprayMate is available directly from Seasol. Please phone Customer Service on our toll free number 1800 335 508 or email Ask@seasol.com.au for more information.

Typical Analysis:

SprayMate has been designed to go between the hose connector and the green hose nozzle on the Seasol and PowerFeed and other hose-on packs. Its easy control allows you to turn off the water at the SprayMate instead of running back to the tap. This provides leak free on and off control of water flow, so there are no more leaks, hose crimping, water wastage or time wasted running backwards and forward to the tap.

Hose on packs are available for Seasol the Seaweed Solution, Seasol Advanced, PowerFeed, Seasol for Lush Green Lawns, Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner. For more information on these packs, please go to the product page for each product on the website.

Clicks between hose and hose-on pack by following the instructions below.

  1. Click the base connector of the SprayMate onto your hose connector.
  2. Click the top connector onto the spray nozzle on your Seasol, or PowerFeed hose-on pack.
  3. Position SprayMate at either side of the bottle’s handle (at 5 o’clock position if you are right handed or 7 o’clock if you are left handed).
  4. Turn on tap.
  5. Hold bottle by the handle with one hand and squeeze the trigger with your hand to begin spraying
  6. Release trigger to stop spraying.








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