Seasol Super Compost

A premium compost mix especially formulated to revitalise soils for healthy plant growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use, it contains high-quality raw ingredients to revitalise soils to maximise plant growth
  • Safe for all soils and plants (excluding phosphorous sensitive natives)
  • Treated with Seasol Liquid Compost to revitalise soil and boost plant health
  • Added gypsum helps to improve compacted soils, ensuring air and water get into the soil
  • A wetting agent helps increase the wettability of hard to wet soils, allowing deeper penetration of water into the root zone
  • Red tick certified to meet the Australian premium standards for a premium mix

Typical Analysis:

Seasol Super Compost contains everything you need to take the guesswork out of revitalising soils and boosting plant growth. Safe for all plants in the garden including, annuals, bulbs, herbs, and vegies, it can also be used as a topping up on existing or new garden beds. Added Seasol Liquid Compost, wetting agent, gypsum and nutrients ensure optimal plant and soil health and growth. Red tick certified to meet the Australian premium standards for a premium mix.

Seasol Super Compost:

  • Is treated with Seasol Liquid Compost which helps improve the soil structure, soil moisture retention stimulating stronger root growth to give immediate results.
  • Contains the highest quality raw ingredients, balanced nutrient and trace element mix to improve soil and plant health for vibrant blooms and tasty edible produce.
  • An added wetting agent helps water get to where it is needed the root zone, allowing dry soils to absorb water.
  • Rich in organic matter, compost, and other materials to boost soil structure, increasing worm and beneficial soil microbes.
  • Added gypsum helps to improve compacted soil, breaking up clay soils which allows air and water into the soil.

Seasol Super Compost does not require any additional fertilisers or nutrients. Everything required for plant growth is in the bag.

For best results follow these simple steps:

  1. Existing garden areas apply at a depth of up to 5cm and dig in where new plants are being established.
  2. New garden areas apply at a depth of 10-20cm.
  3. To revitalise existing plants e.g., citrus and roses. Apply around under the foliage canopy to the outer edges of the dripline up to 5cm deep. Lightly scratch into the soil surface. Avoid applying around the trunk of plants.
  4. Apply mulch over the soil surface after planting to ensure moisture is retained in the soil.


Ongoing Plant Care:

Seasol Super Compost contains liquid compost and added nutrients to improve overall soil health. Seasol Super Compost is safe on all plants and can be used when required to promote maximum plant growth and health.

Reapply before planting annuals, bulbs, herbs or vegetables for strong root development and healthy growth.


Follow the safety precautions in the “General Precautions” tab and collect in containers for disposal as trade waste, in accordance with local authority guidelines.


Inhalation of dust and/or liquid mists may irritate, inflame or sensitise the nose, throat and lungs resulting in illnesses ranging from hay fever or asthma to pneumonia or pneumonia-like illnesses. Direct contact with this material or its dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols) may cause skin irritation (dermatitis), and skin or eye infections or irritation. People particularly at risk are those suffering from asthma or allergies, and those immune defence systems are compromised.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust and/or liquid mists. Wear suitable protective clothing and standard duty gloves. If exposed to dust and/or liquid mists also wear dust-resistant eye protection and particulate respirator. Wash your hands thoroughly immediately after handing. Wash work clothes regularly. Clean up by wet sweeping or vacuuming. Store product in a cool location.

First Aid

Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Wash skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention for any persistent skin, eye or respiratory symptoms.

Please click here to download the Safety Data Sheet

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