Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster

Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster is a natural pelletised complete lawn health treatment with a rich source of seaweed and compost

Features & Benefits


  • A rich blend of ready to use ingredients for healthy green growth.
  • Stimulates root development and beneficial soil micro-organisms.
  • Helps lawns to cope with heat, drought, frost, pests and disease.
  • Improves soil health.
  • Increases worm and microbial activity.
  • Helps to improve soil moisture retention and nutrient uptake by lawns.
  • Safe to use on all soils and lawns including buffalo at any time.

Typical Analysis:

Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster is a natural pelletised lawn and soil treatment. It is a rich source of natural ingredients including seaweed and compost to boost soil health and lush, green growth in all lawns including buffalo.

Added seaweed, stimulates root development and promotes healthy growth. It also helps lawns to cope with environmental stresses such as heat, drought, frost, pests, and diseases.

Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster contains a rich source of natural ingredients and seaweed which are all readily available to promote healthy green, lush growth.

Boosted with natural composts, humic acids and organic matter, it helps to improve soil structure and increases worm and microbial activity.  It also helps to improve soil moisture and nutrient plant uptake.

Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster is a natural lawn and soil treatment that can be used at any time throughout the year. Generally, apply every 10-12 weeks or as needed.

Apply 100 grams of Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster per square metre to established lawns. Ensure even distribution via hand or lawn spreader.

For new lawns or turf apply 100 grams of Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster per square metre into the soil prior to seeding or laying turf.  For best results apply an application of Seasol the Seaweed solution concentrate at 50mL per 9 litres every 7 to 10 days while establishing.

It is recommended to water thoroughly after applying Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster. Sweep any excess off paths or driveways.

Not to be taken. This product is a blend of naturally occurring ingredients and may have dust at times due to handling beyond the manufacturer’s control. It is recommended to wear a mask during application. Wash hands after use. This product is safe to use on all edible plants. Wash all edible plants before eating.

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