Seasol Advanced Potting Mix

A premium potting mix especially formulated for all potted plants.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains high-quality ingredients to ensure plants flourish all year round
  • Safe for all plants (excluding phosphorus sensitive natives)
  • Treated with Seasol GOLD to reduce transplant shock for quick plant establishment
  • Balanced slow-release nutrients and trace elements feed plants for up to six months
  • A wetting agent helps retains water at the root zone and reduces drying of soil
  • Red tick certified to meet the Australian premium standards for a premium potting mix

Typical Analysis:

Seasol Advanced Potting Mix contains everything you need to take the guesswork out of growing and looking after all your potted plants. It is safe for all plants excluding phosphorous sensitive natives. It contains the highest quality raw ingredients, Seasol GOLD, balanced nutrients, trace elements and wetting agent to ensure plants thrive all year round. Red tick certified to meet the Australian premium standards for premium potting mix.

Seasol Advanced Potting Mix:

  • Is treated with Seasol GOLD to help reduce transplant shock and aid plant establishment, it also helps promote rapid root development and healthy strong growth.
  • Seasol GOLD is enhanced with calcium to help thicken the plant’s cell walls, promoting healthy robust growth. It strengthens and boosts plant health to reduce stress from heat, drought, frost, pests, and diseases.
  • Contains enough fertiliser for 6 months to help ensure plant establishment, healthy foliage, beautiful blooms, and tasty edible produce.
  • Contains a wetting agent that helps retain water at the root zone and reduces drying of soil.
  • Is rich in organic matter, compost and other gardening materials to improve plants development and health.

Seasol Advanced Potting Mix is easy to use. Everything required for planting is contained in this bag. Depending upon plant variety, Seasol Advanced Potting Mix contains enough fertiliser for 6 months to help ensure plant establishment. To get the best results follow these simple steps:

1. Before planting, fill a bucket or container with water and Seasol and completely submerge the plant to be repotted (to soil level) until bubbles stop and let drain.

2. Partially fill pot with potting mix. Avoid blocking drainage holes with rocks as this will prevent correct drainage. Seasol Advanced Potting Mix drains freely.

3. Squeeze pot gently before removing the plant from the pot. Turn upside down and hold the soil in place with outstretched hands. Lightly tap the rim of the pot on a hard surface to loosen plant. Avoid loosening and breaking up root system, particularly in hot weather.

4. Place plant in pot and backfill potting mix so existing soil level of plant is approximately 25mm below rim of pot. Press potting mix gently around the plant.

5. Water in gently with Seasol and let drain. Place potted plant in final position.


Spring – Water in well at planting. Variable weather conditions and active spring growth on plants requires close monitoring. Water when potting mix feels dry.

Summer – Water every day or every second day depending on weather conditions and monitor soil moisture level.

Autumn – Water in well at planting and monitor soil moisture level. Reduce frequency as weather cools down.

Winter – Water in well at planting and monitor soil moisture. Water when potting mix feels dry. Waterwise plants, if exposed to the weather may not require additional watering until the weather warms up.


Ongoing Plant Care:

Seasol Advanced Potting Mix contains enough fertiliser for 6 months to help ensure plant establishment. Depending on plant variety, apply Seasol and PowerFeed every 2 to 4 weeks (check container for application rates) around the soil for continual healthy growth, increased pest and disease resistance and masses of flowers and tasty produce.

Lift pots up off the ground, with pot feet and avoid potted plants sitting in saucers filled with water for extended periods.

Repot when plants outgrow pots or every 1-2 years.


Follow the safety precautions in the “General Precautions” tab and collect in containers for disposal as trade waste, in accordance with local authority guidelines.


Inhalation of dust and/or liquid mists may irritate, inflame or sensitise the nose, throat and lungs resulting in illnesses ranging from hay fever or asthma to pneumonia or pneumonia-like illnesses. Direct contact with this material or its dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols) may cause skin irritation (dermatitis), and skin or eye infections or irritation. People particularly at risk are those suffering from asthma or allergies, and those immune defence systems are compromised.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing dust and/or liquid mists. Wear suitable protective clothing and standard duty gloves. If exposed to dust and/or liquid mists also wear dust-resistant eye protection and particulate respirator. Wash your hands thoroughly immediately after handing. Wash work clothes regularly. Clean up by wet sweeping or vacuuming. Store product in a cool location.

First Aid

Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 10 minutes. Wash skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention for any persistent skin, eye or respiratory symptoms.

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