A vibrant garden, edible produce and beautiful blooms are all possible with soil care for healthy and fertile soil.  Seasol has a range of soil care products which include fast-acting liquid or slow-release soil improvers to help achieve a healthy, fertile soil.


Soil Care

Soil varies depending on where you live and your climate. Soil can even vary within a garden. Soil type whether clay, sandy or loam, soil pH from acidic to alkaline, soil moisture content, organic matter, worm and microbial activity are all factors that affect soil and how good it is for plant growth. Maintaining good soil is the key to a successful garden and a healthy, well-grown lawn. Seasol has a range of soil care products  to help achieve a healthy, fertile soil.

Check out:

  • Seasol Liquid Compost is a dynamic fast-acting liquid soil conditioner, soil improver and plant health treatment in one. It’s ideal for soil preparation before planting or to revitalise an established garden bed, as no digging is required.
  • Seasol Plant + Soil Booster is a slow-release soil conditioner. It’s boosted with natural composts, humic acids and organic matter to help improve soil structure and increase worm and microbial activity
  • Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner helps to improve water penetration in all soils. It also has the added benefit of improving soil and plant health.
  •  Seasol Potting Mix Booster helps revitalise and extend the life of the potting mix. It adds beneficial microbes to assist the plant’s root system and promote strong, healthy growth
  • Seasol Biochar with Zeolite, to boost the garden and soil health. It rejuvenates soils, promotes microbial activity and increases soil fertility. It also improves water holding capacity, drought resistance and nutrient retention.