Our Sharp Shooter range of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides offers plant protection by controlling pests and fungal diseases on your favourite plants, including natural* that are safe on edible produce.

Sharp Shooter product range is available at independent hardware store and garden centres.


Sharp Shooter

Having access to a natural Sharp Shooter range of products is ideal to provide a simple and easy solution to control these problem pests and diseases.

Pests and fungal diseases can be a problem for gardens and gardeners. If there are only a few pests, they can be controlled by picking them off by hand, or pruning the affected foliage. However, an invasion of pests and diseases may need to be actively controlled as they can destroy your garden and ruin plants, edible produce, and flowering blooms.

Roses, flowering and ornamental plants, indoor and outdoor potted plants, and fruit and citrus trees can become a favourite place for pests and diseases to call home. The look and health of your favourite plants can be destroyed, by insects such as various, scales, aphids, whitefly, mealy bugs, spider mites, caterpillars, and leaf miners or fungal diseases such as black spots and rust.

The Sharp Shooter range includes:

  • Enviro Pest Oil insect spray  and  White Oil insect spray which target pests and incest on your favourite plants naturally.
  • Natural Pyrethrum insect spray controls and kills various insects on citrus, fruit and ornamental trees as well as vegies.
  • Rose Black Spot & insect spray targets fungal diseases such as black spot and rust and various insects on your roses, ornamental and flowering plants.

*Except for Sharp Shooter Rose Black Spot & insect spray for which we are looking for a sustainable formulation

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