The Seasol range of natural and organic products target the health of soils and the nutrient needs of specific plants. From natives, tomatoes and vegies, fruit and citrus plants, roses and flowering plants, lawns, seedlings, shrubs and trees and everything in between.


Seasol range of products can help every gardener, experienced or novice,  to keep plants strong and healthy. Garden soil needs to be maintained to ensure all those hungry plants have access to the nutrients that help them thrive, and different plant groups have different requirements.

Regular applications of nutrients and tonics throughout the year help aid plant establishment leading to strong root development, the promotion of healthy growth and enhancement of flowering and fruiting. These additives also help to improve soil fertility, soil moisture retention, soil microorganism populations and reduce plant stress from heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases. Our products make it easy for gardeners to maintain an abundant, well-nourished garden in the ground or in pots.

Seasol products are easy to use and apply ­with a range of liquid, granular and soil-based applications. Fast-acting liquids are applied with a watering can or through hose-on applicators to foliage or soil. Simply add our granular, slow-release products to the soil, then water in after application to benefit the soil and plants over time. For containerised plants there are products from potting mixes to soil improvers to improve plant growth.

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