The PowerFeed range contains a product for the total garden and soil for a specific plant in a range to suit all application including fast-acting liquids, and slow and controlled release granules with Troforte microbe technology.



At Seasol, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy some kind of garden or grow their own food and to do it naturally. We want every kid to get their hands dirty and discover that tomatoes don’t grow in the supermarket. And we want everyone to feel confident in their ability to create a beautiful garden in the wet, the dry and everything in between. So, we make a dynamic range of fertilisers and soil improvers under the PowerFeed brand to help all gardeners achieve their goals, no matter if they are new to gardening or an old hand.

Plants benefit most from a good dose of fertiliser when they are actively growing, so knowing when to feed can be as important as using the right fertiliser. For example, winter vegetables and annuals grow actively through the cooler months when many other plants are dormant so they need their fertiliser when other plants don’t. Most deciduous trees like to be fed in spring when the first signs of new growth come through. Citrus are heavy feeders that like to be fed regularly through the growing season to promote high yields of fruit. Flowering bulbs like a good dose of food at planting time and again when they finish blooming. Other plants have insatiable appetites and like to be fed little and often while they are growing or flowering.