Seaweed, natural compost, humic acid and organic matter are all key ingredients to help to keep plants healthy and growing strongly.
Liquid or pelletised Seasol plant care range are designed to help gardeners achieve their gardening goals.

Plant Care

For plants to grow and be strong and healthy, they require sun, water and nutrients that they absorb from in the soil. Nutrient needs change as plants grow. What a plant requires at the seed germination stage to what a plant requires when producing flowers or fruit is very different.

Growing requirements also vary between different plants. Sun or shade, tropical or cooler conditions, sandy or clay soil, acid or alkaline soil pH as well as moisture levels are all factors that must be ideal for a plant to thrive.

To help plants no matter at what stage of development or what species, Seasol has a range of liquid and granular plant care products to help gardeners ensure their plants are healthy and strong. The only decision the gardener has to make is which method of application best suits their needs.

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