Whether you are laying lawn turf, germinating lawn seed, repairing a damaged lawn or revitalising an established lawn, a great lawn starts below the ground with healthy soil. Seasol has a range of lawn care products to help your lawn grow, healthy and strong.

Lawn Care

For many, a lawn is much more. Some gardeners want to have the best lawn in their street or even the best lawn in Australia.

There are many factors to consider when creating and maintaining a healthy, lush green lawn. Having good soil, the correct lawn species for your climate, reliable water and drainage all help create the perfect lawn. Aeration and compaction, removing weeds, are part of an annual lawn maintenance regime that keeps your lawn at its best.

Seasol has a range of lawn care products to help you grow a healthy, strong lawn including:

  • Seasol or Seasol GOLD ready-to-use hose-on application makes it quick and easy to give any lawn including Buffalo a healthy boost.
  • Seasol Lawn + Soil Turf, a combination of Seasol and liquid compost to help improve seed germination rates and reduce transplant shock and aid turf establishment.
  • Seasol Lawn + Soil, is applied to the soil before laying turf or seed to improve its soil structure, moisture retention and nutrient uptake.
  • Seasol Lawn Top Dress Mix helps a stressed lawn recover, revitalises dead patches and helps build a strong lawn through the robust root system and health, strong growth.