Our EarthCare range includes pesticides, insecticides and fungicides to control pests, fungal diseases and weeds. They are environmentally friendly* with low toxicity formulations.

EarthCare products range is exclusive to Bunnings Warehouse


Citrus and other fruit trees, roses and other flowering and ornamental plants, indoor and outdoor potted plants, as well as edible produce can become the favourite place for insects and fungal diseases to call home.

When the infestation becomes too damaging, having access to a natural group of products that provide an easy and simple solution to control of problem pests and diseases is important.

Alongside pests and diseases, weed control is another problem for gardeners. Weeds will compete with valuable plants for water and nutrients and can invade the garden given the right conditions.

EarthCare Organic Weedkiller spray contact herbicide is glyphosate-free. It is used to kill and control many weeds, moss, algae and lichen around the house and garden.

Its ready-to-use trigger spray or concentrate (added to a spray applicator) make it simple to apply – just spray on the weed.