Grassy weeds are a group of weeds with slender grass-like leaves and growth. These are grasses that become weedy in lawns and garden beds. Commonly found grassy weeds include paspalam, twitch, wintergrass. Some lawn grasses especially couch and kikuyu or buffalo grow from rhizomes and may become weeds of garden beds if edges are not controlled. These weeds need to be removed by hand.

Grassy weeds are highly adaptive and spread quickly via seed or runners, making them hard to control. It’s critical to remove them when they are young before they get a chance to produce seeds. Always remove the runner or root system as well as the leafy above ground part of the weed.

In lawns they may be able to be controlled by mowing. A healthy, strong lawn will also be less likely to be invaded by grassy weeds than a neglected stressed lawn. Feeding your lawn with Seasol for Lush Green Lawns or Seasol for Buffalo Lawns during the growing season helps keep the lawn vigorous and healthy and this helps keep all weeds at bay.

Grassy weeds are either annual or perennial. Annual weeds can be removed by hand weeding, using a weeding tool or a spade, and ensuring the whole root system is removed. Perennial grassy weeds are harder to remove as they grow from a rhizome or underground bulb and will regrow readily if all parts of the root system are not removed.

A natural organic herbicide such as EarthCare Organic WeedKiller spray may help to control some grassy weeds. Check the back label of the spray for specific weed information. It’s a glyphosate-free, non-selective contact spray so care must be taken when spraying in lawns or near garden plants. Follow the directions on the container and ensure that all foliage is totally covered with spray as it is a contact spray only. Repeat applications may be necessary.