Common chickweed (Stellaria media) is an annual weed that grows in garden beds and lawns, particularly in moist areas, and is prolific in late winter and spring. It is a spreading weed that has weak stems, soft green leaves and small white flowers. Seeds are dispersed via the wind and germinate next year when conditions are good.

Chickweed is relatively easy to remove when small by removing by hand, or using a weeding tool or hoe. Remove it by pulling it the base of the plant. It has shallow roots but requires the whole plant, including the roots, to be removed. It is a weed that’s safe to feed to backyard chickens, which enjoy eating it.

A natural organic herbicide such as EarthCare Organic WeedKiller will also help to control chickweed. It’s a glyphosate-free, non-selective, contact herbicide. Care must be taken when spraying near garden plants or lawns. Follow the directions on the container and ensure that all the parts of the leaf are totally covered with spray as it is a contact spray only. Repeat applications may be necessary.