These weeds grow from seed each year. They are most common in the warmer months of the year, but some grow year-round. Commonly found annual weeds of gardens include bindii, capeweed, cat’s ear, chickweed, cobbler’s peg (also called farmer’s friend), fleabane, sowthistle, and wintergrass.

They can occur in any part of the garden including lawns, garden beds, containers, courtyards, pathways, driveways and vegetable gardens. Annual weeds are easy to control by hand weeding, hoeing, slashing or treating with herbicide while the weed is immature.

A well-mulched garden and dense, vigorous lawn can keep annual weeds at bay as there isn’t any room for them to grow. Feed gardens with a liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives. Feed lawns with Seasol for Lush Green Lawns or Seasol for Buffalo Lawns during the growing season, to keep the lawn dense and resistant to weeds.

Natural organic herbicide such as Earthcare Organic Weedkiller can be used to control many weeds. Check the back label or website information to ensure the herbicide will control the weed you want to remove.  EarthCare Organic WeedKiller is a glyphosate-free, non-selective formula so care must be taken when spraying near valuable plants. Follow the directions the container and ensure that all foliage is totally covered with spray as it is a contact spray only. Repeat applications may be necessary.

For long-term control always remove annual weeds before they flower and set seed. Repeat treatment will be needed as new weeds emerge from seed still in the soil. Cover weeded garden areas with mulch to help reduce regrowth.