Winter is the time when many lawns are dormant as they shut down to avoid low temperatures. However, in warm northern and coastal zones lawns still grow strongly. In cool zones, lawns are lush and green through winter where cool season varieties are being grown including perennial rye and fescue. If your lawn is dormant through winter, maintenance is very low, but if it is actively growing, follow our spring and summer lawn tips depending on your location and climatic conditions.

Where lawns are fairly dormant in winter care is all about protection from the stresses of cold weather and frost. Following a few simple tips can help the lawn to survive winter ready to burst into lush, green growth in spring.

Tips for looking after cool temperate soils - Seasol Liquid Compost


Winter maintenance is all about improving soil health. Apply Seasol Lawn + Soil Booster over the lawn to help to improve soil structure and increases worm and microbial activity. It also helps to improve soil moisture and nutrient plant uptake. Apply 100grams per square metre of lawn via hand or lawn spreader and water it in thoroughly after application.


Check your lawn throughout the season. If rainfall is low but lawns are growing, it may require watering. If this is the case, water in the early morning to give the lawn time to dry before nightfall. The best tip for this season: don’t overwater, especially if the lawn is dormant and conditions are cold. Lawns can rot if left wet for extended periods.

Note: Avoid walking on lawns that are frost affected as this can damage the grass.


If your lawn is dormant in winter (for example a warm season variety such as couch, buffalo, Queensland blue couch or kikuyu), don’t feed it because, as there is little or no growth, the lawn doesn’t need fertiliser and it will be wasted. However, continue to apply Seasol hose-on every month to help the lawn cope with frost and cold weather. If you have a cool season lawn variety such as perennial rye, bluegrass or fescue that is actively growing, feed at the end of autumn or beginning of winter with Seasol for Lush Green Lawns and/or PowerFeed LawnFeed.


If the lawn is dormant over winter, then it may only be necessary to mow two to three times during this season. Unless you have a mulching mower, use the catcher on the mower rather than leaving cut grass on the lawn, as it may be slow to breakdown, which could lead to fungal problems. It is also a good idea to rake up fallen leaves to allow air and sunshine on the grass and to trim back any overhanging branches that maybe keeping light from the lawn. For more details check out our video How to Care for Lawns – Mowing & maintenance.