Seasol’s range of export products comes from our home garden and commercial farming range and features everything from our famous liquid seaweed plant tonic to fish based fertilisers and soil conditioners.

The Benefits of Seasol

Seasol is a concentrated blend of quality kelps providing a range of benefits to all plants. In particular it stimulates root production:
The two tomato seedlings had their roots trimmed & one was placed in water & the other in a 400 to 1 solution of Seasol.

Watch the video to see the amazing results.

Safety Data Sheets

The Seasol product SDS (Safety Data Sheet) contains information about our products including health and safety aspects and safety precautions when handling, storing, and transporting our products.

Product Result Videos

For information on our product results on various crops including almonds, cotton, strawberries, tomatoes and wheat.  Check out the link to our videos for more information.

Seasol promotes root growth of Cotton plants