Snake Plant (Sanseveria)

Sanseveria are grown for their up-right structural foliage and ability to go for long periods of time without water. Available in multiple colours, leaf patterns and sizes, a collection of sanseveria can look very interesting.

Growing Conditions

Aspect Sanseveria prefer low, bright indirect light either inside or outdoors in a patio.

Soil Use Seasol Indoor Potting Mix a premium potting mix especially formulated for indoor plants.

Growing Sanseveria take off in spring and summer as it is their peak growing time. Interestingly, sanseveria grow incredibly well as cuttings that will develop roots and live comfortably in a jar of water. It is usual to take root cuttings to maintain the leaf patterns and colours of some varieties.

Snake Plant (Sanseveria)

General care

Watering They must be allowed to completely dry out between watering. Sanseveria can go 4-6 weeks between watering. They are also a great addition outside where they thrive.

Potting Keep them in a plastic nursery pot and sit inside a cover pot unless growing outside.

Feeding A liquid or granular fertiliser can be used. Apply granular PowerFeed Controlled Release Pots & Plants for Indoor & Outdoors once every season. It combines a premium mix of nutrients, seaweed, and microbes for all plants in pots. Supplement or apply a liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES Pots & Planters or PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives every 2 to 4 weeks from spring to autumn and less often in winter.

For a ready-to-use no mixing formula, apply PowerFeed Indoor & Potted Plants 1.25 Lt trigger spray to the soil. This easy-to-use liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner helps to improve your soil and feed your plants. Apply every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season and monthly in winter if needed.

Watch out If your sanseveria is rotting, cut off the rotted section, allow it to dry out for 2-3 weeks and then place in a jar of water. Change the water on a weekly basis.

A sanseveria can tolerate a low light situation but may not grow very much. A great idea is to have 2 or 3 and rotate every few months so that it is able to grow in a brighter position on occasions.

When thriving and happy sanseveria will flower.