Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Boasting deep green glossy foliage, the peace lily is one of the most iconic house plants available. Stunning spears of pure white bracts may appear at different times throughout the year if given enough light. Available in a range of sizes and now different variegations, the Peace lily is a favourite of all plant collectors.

Growing Conditions

Aspect Peace lily prefer a spot indoors in medium to bright, indirect light. They also do well on a patio or outside in a shady position.

Soil Use Seasol Indoor Potting Mix a premium potting mix especially formulated for indoor plants.

Peace Lily

General care

Watering A peace lily will start to droop slightly when needing water. This is a good time to give your plant a good drink. The frequency of watering will depend on light and temperature conditions.

Growing Peace lily will look amazing all year round. Flowers generally appear in spring when there is adequate light. Flowers will not appear if it is kept in medium to low light.

Potting Keep in the plastic nursery pot and always use a premium potting mix when you do pot up into the next size. Always ensure the pot has a drainage hole. Peace Lilies are also very well adapted to growing in a hydroponic-like set-up. Wash all soil off the roots and grow in a small amount of water in a vase or glass bowl. Change the water regularly.

Feeding A liquid or granular fertiliser can be used. Apply granular PowerFeed Controlled Release Pots & Plants for Indoor & Outdoors once every season. It combines a premium mix of nutrients, seaweed, and microbes for all plants in pots. Supplement or apply a liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES Plant Food Pots & Planters or PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives every 2 to 4 weeks from spring to autumn and less often in winter.

For a ready-to-use no mixing formula, apply PowerFeed Indoor & Potted Plants 1.25 Lt trigger spray to the soil. This easy-to-use liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner helps to improve your soil and feed your plants. Apply every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season and monthly in winter if needed.

Watch out for Peace lilies are prone to getting black tips, if they are underwatered or if they are allowed to sit for long periods in overly wet potting mix. Check soil moisture levels regularly.

For potted lilies, ensure your pot has adequate drainage – plastic nursery pots are perfect. Place your plastic pot inside a decorative cover pot. Do not allow your potted peace lily to sit in water inside a cover pot.

If your peace lily dries out completely to the point of serious wilting, soak for a few hours in a bucket of water mixed with Seasol to help it recover.

Not flowering? Try a brighter spot or outside on the patio.

Flowers going brown? They are just old and dying. Chop them off.