Maiden Hair Fern (Adiantum)

Contrary to popular belief maiden hair ferns are one of the easiest fern to grow. They only require two things, bright indirect light, and to stay damp. Maiden hair, like most ferns are much better as patio or shade plants outside. When inside or out ensure they have a very well-lit spot with no direct sun, good air circulation (but away from direct wind) and a regular watering to avoid drying out. They are fast-growing and although their beautiful fine foliage looks delicate, they are a tough plant that can come back from what might look like death. When put in the right spot maiden hair are very easy to grow.

Growing Conditions

Aspect Indoors maiden hair ferns prefer a brightly lit position, out of draughts. They are also ideal to grow in hanging baskets or pots outside on a patio.

Soil Use Seasol Indoor Potting Mix a premium potting mix especially formulated for indoor plants.

Growing Maiden Hair ferns will continue to grow all year round but will have faster growth during warm periods.

Tips for looking after Maidenhair Ferns
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General care

Watering Maiden hair ferns must be kept damp at all times to keep them happy. If they dry out, a good soak for several hours in a bucket of Seasol will do wonders to rehydrate the foliage.

Potting If potting into a hanging basket, try and choose a heavy plastic or ceramic one, a coir basket dries out too fast and will require constant watering. Always ensure the pot has a drainage hole.

Feeding A liquid or granular fertiliser can be used. Apply granular PowerFeed Controlled Release Pots & Plants for Indoor & Outdoors once every season. It combines a premium mix of nutrients, seaweed, and microbes for all plants in pots. Supplement or apply a liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES Pots & Planters or PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives every 2 to 4 weeks from spring to autumn and less often in winter.

For a ready-to-use no mixing formula, apply PowerFeed Indoor & Potted Plants 1.25 Lt trigger spray to the soil. This easy-to-use liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner helps to improve your soil and feed your plants. Apply every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season and monthly in winter if needed.

Watch out If the fern is not looking great or has dried out, chop foliage right back and allow it to regrow, keeping damp and in a protected environment outside.

Do not spray maiden hair fern foliage with chemicals, oils or and pesticides as this will burn the foliage. If kept outside with good light and airflow these are fairly pest-free. If you do need to treat for scale or mealybug, cut right back, treat with EarthCare Natural Pyrethrum insect spray and let it regrow.

Do not mist them, they do not need it. Just water well and regularly.