While trees are dormant, there are many insects and fungal problems that hide are just under the plants surface (bud scales) waiting to infect new leaves in spring. Controlling them now, certainly makes life easier later in the year.

Deciduous fruit trees and vines will benefit from a cover spray while they are dormant and the opportunity to clean up any minor problems before they turn into big ones.

Lime sulphur is one of the most effective clean up sprays for the winter orchard and should only be used when there are no leaves on the plant as it tends to burn soft new foliage. Don’t be put off by the smell, it’s perfect for mites that may be overwintering on vines or fruit trees, rust, shothole and scale insects.

After spraying your fruit trees or vines, apply Seasol to the soil around the plant. This will help to promote healthy growth and reduce stresses from insect and fungal attack.

Why Spray Fruit Trees in Winter

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