Weeds compete with garden plants for nutrients, water and space. Weeds can be annual or perennial and range from small plants to large trees. They favour disturbed soils and are easily spread through cultivation, moving or importing soils, or by allowing existing weeds to seed or spread.

To keep new weeds out of gardens, take care when bringing in new potted plants, which may contain weeds. Isolating new plants for a period of time or repotting into new potting mix can help reduce weed introduction. Some common garden plants that grow well and self seed or grow easily from a cutting can also become weedy including foxgloves and many succulents.

Weeds can be broadly categorised into groups based on how they grow and where they are found. The main weed groups are annual, broadleaf, grassy, persistent and woody. Some weeds may be found in several groups (for example dandelion is an annual, broadleaf weed). Even if you can’t identify the exact weed, understanding how it grows help determines the best control methods.

Below are some example of weed categorises and specific weeds themselves as well as hint on controlling and disposing them.

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