Water lilies are very easy to grow whether they are in a small glazed water feature or in a large pond.

These plants are classified into two broad groups; tropical varieties that are dormant throughout winter and evergreen, which keep their leaves throughout the colder months.

Water lilies require a sunny position to perform at their best and while there isn’t a lot to see on these plants throughout August, it’s time to divide and repot to ensure gorgeous spring/summer flowers.

Repotting Water lilies is messy, but not complicated.

The only tools required are a sturdy serrated knife or pruning saw, gumboots (if you have to walk into the pond to get them out) and if plants are large a garden spade.

Split the rhizome into manageable pieces and ensure there are growth buds visible.

180mm or 200mm pots are ideal as they have a wide enough base so they don’t tip over easily and is important if the pond base is a little uneven.

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