The sound of running water adds an additional element to the garden. It is also a ‘go to’ for the local fauna including the resident birds and frogs. As the weather warms up algae growth is common. Algae growth in ponds is a sign that the pond is out of balance with nutrients, sunlight and oxygen. Some algae growth in ponds is completely normal, but when it takes over it will cause a problem. It’s the time to get on top of it before it gets out of control.

  • Reassess the water plants in the pond – do they need repotting, splitting or trimming? An increase in composting foliage could be increasing the nutrient level of the water and result in algal growth.
  • The addition of barley straw in the pond is an effective algae control. The harmless bacterium that grows on the barley straw effectively inhibits the growth of algae cells.
  • Reducing the number of fish in the pond will also reduce the nutrient build up in the water.

Split up waterlilies this month. Even though pond water is cold, the waterlilies are starting to wake up. The hardy varieties will still have leaves from last season, while the tropical varieties will be completely dormant. If they are overcrowded it’s a great idea to repot. All water plants can be fed with controlled release fertiliser tablets specially formulated for ponds. The addition of rocks or gravel on the top of the pot will ensure that the fish (especially if you have Koi) will not uproot the newly potted plant

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