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Vasili garden expert

Vasili has over 20 years experience in the gardening industry, his passion started as a young boy helping his folks around the veggie patch every day after school. Not only did gardening the natural way become a part of his everyday lifestyle, eating healthy fresh produce was just as important too.

As his father and grandfather would say, “It’s all about growing it yourself.”
Knowing where it grew and how it was grown, with nothing short of tender loving care given to every seed germinated, every plant propagated and every tree grafted. It is these simple pleasures of “lifestyle in the garden” that we experience and treasure for life but more importantly share with our families and friends so that they too have the opportunity to enjoy a better way of life.

Vasili’s simpler approach to a healthier lifestyle is being spread through the homes of many Australian families. He has a great passion to share the wealth of good gardening and good living knowledge, which has been handed down through generations of some truly inspirational people.  Recognising the life stories of families and individuals who he hopes will inspire others to take up and continue traditional ways of living and eating.

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