The warmer the weather the quicker the Chilli plants grow at this time of the year. Chillies are a true perennial in warmer climates and have the potential to continue fruiting for three or four seasons. They are very rewarding and a large pot with three or four varieties mass planted will produce hundreds of fruit.

Unlike their closest relative, the Capsicum or Sweet Pepper, which will rot if left on the plant for too long, Chillies can be harvested when immature or left to dry on the plant. There has been a long held belief that starving the plant of water and then flooding it at maturity will produce hotter fruit. Recently, the opposite has been found, the more the plant is watered and fertilised the hotter the fruit produced.

Plant into well improved soil or into a large pot in premium potting mix. Apply Seasol and PowerFeed for Tomatoes & Vegetables every week (30mL Seasol concentrate and 50mL PowerFeed for Tomatoes & Vegetables concentrate to 9 litres of water) to produce a bumper, tasty crop.

With at least 50 different varieties, ranging from mild to extreme heat rating available in Garden Centres there’s bound to be the perfect variety to suit the heat preference of every member of the family.

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