• Scented geraniums have a lovely pungent scent, with the added bonus of repeat flowers.
  • In a large container plant a selection of mint varieties. Keep them contained in a large low bowl or container. Spearmint, common, lemon and chocolate mint will be the base for many tea parties for years to come. These plants are also very useful in the kitchen.
  • Citrus are ideal, the flowers are stunning and home grown fruit is so tasty.
  • Passionfruit vines grow fast and make an ideal screen, barrier, fort or hideaway with tasty fruit being produced.
  • Select foliage plants that feel good, such as Woolly Bush or Lambs Ear.
  • Edible flowers including Calendula, Lavender, Roses and Daylilies all love the hot sun and will add brilliant colour throughout the year.
  • Sunflowers are a favourite and depending upon the variety can reach heights of 2m, towering over the children. Plant seeds in early summer in a full sun position.

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