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  • Improve soil with well rotted compost and manure. If you want a no dig option, try Seasol Liquid Compost.
  • Use a granular controlled release fertiliser at planting at planting such as PowerFeed Controlled Release for Tomatoes and Vegetables.
  • Apply liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed PRO SERIES for Tomatoes and Vegetables every 2 weeks by completely covering the foliage and around the root system.
  • Don’t allow plants to stress from lack of water as this will cause thin walled pliable fruit.
  • Allow fruit to develop, depending upon the need. Small fruit tends to have strong flavour, perfect for adding flavour to cooking, but not suited to fresh salads.
  • All capsicums start off green and will develop colour later. The longer the plants are left on the bush the sweeter the fruit is.

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