• Select varieties of plants that flower at different times of the year.
  • Visit garden centres for inspiration at least every 4-6 weeks and note down what’s in flower.
  • Add large oversized pots full of colour at key focal points.
  • Use foliage contrasts and shades to your advantage.
  • Take a walk around the neighbourhood and identify what is flowering in surrounding gardens. Most gardeners are more than willing to share their gardening knowledge.

Because Australia’s climatic conditions are so diverse, winter to those who reside in the south is a time when the garden slows down, takes a rest and prepares itself for the spring flush. For those who live in the northern areas, the perfect warm winter weather results in gardens full of colour that their southern counterparts can only dream about, so it’s important choose varieties of plants that grow well in the local area.

Instant colour can be added with the use of potted colour. Be adventurous with the style of container, old kettle, buckets or boxes will act as containers. The advantage of adding potted colour at this time of the year is they will require no additional watering. Pansys, Violas and Primula have a very long flowering season and regular liquid fertilising will ensure months of flowers. The Marguerite daisy is a favourite for large pots in a sunny position. It grows fast, hardy and rewarding.

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