• When selecting varieties avoid soft brittle stems and chose those varieties of plants that are flexible. Do a test at the garden centre by checking the resilience of the foliage, gently checking how far it will bend down. If there is no resistance and it springs back easily, it passes the test. Many of the strappy leaf plants are perfect for those gardens that are home to active dogs.
  • Mass plant varieties close together and as they grow up will create a visual barrier that most dogs will walk around rather than jumping over. Carefully selected ground covers will also be avoided and if there is an area where the dog is out of bounds a slightly prickly variety is a further
  • Using river stones on garden beds up to 15cm in diameter as mulch is a deterrent to keeping them off garden beds. These stones, when laid tend to feel a little unstable, underfoot for dogs and in most cases will walk around rather than try to negotiate uneven terrain. The size of the stones will depend a little on the size of the dog.
  • Create a special area that the dog can oversee the backyard from. They love scoping their territory and if they can view the whole backyard from this vantage point, it reduces the need to go to every corner of the backyard.
  • Try the reticulation system under mulch. Dripper irrigation placed under mulch is not only water efficient, but will not be noticed by the dog. As the old adage goes – out of sight, out of mind.

Five top tips for a dog friendly garden

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