• Thunbergia Tree Gardenia is a slow growing large shrub deserving a position in any garden. It is slow growing, but worth the wait. Dark green foliage contrasts against the tubular white flowers in autumn. Suited to growing in a large pot or as a background shrub in a garden setting.
  • Golden Magic Gardenia is a strong growing medium shrub reaching heights up to 1.5m. Pure white flowers fade to buttery yellow creating a two tone effect over the shrub. Plant close together to create a simply stunning, low growing hedge.  It’s ideally suited for planting around pool areas.
  • Florida Gardenia is the bestselling variety Australia wide and for good reason. It’s one of the hardiest and most floriferous forms available. Only growing to 1m high it forms a lovely rounded shrub for mass planting or to grow in pots.
  • Aimee Yoshiba Gardenia is said to be the best of the large flowering varieties. Large pure white flowers are superb and a real feature of this plant throughout the summer months. Plant in an area of the garden where both the flowers and perfume can be admired.
  • Radicans Gardenia is a small ground covering shrub only reaching 30cm high by 50cm wide. Masses of white flowers cover the plant in summer and autumn making it the best choice for borders and small spaces.

Gardenias are naturally bushy and usually only require a light prune occasionally. Prune after their main flowering time, this is when they are in their most active growth phase and will bush up very quickly.

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