Ornamental Grape – is a hardy waterwise climber that can be pruned back in winter every year and creates dense shade cover. Rich claret and burgundy foliage colour in autumn is spectacular.

Wisteria – is a fast growing climber perfect for planting where large areas are required to be covered. While they are best known for their spectacular display of mauve flowers in spring, take a look at a Japanese Wisteria called Wisteria venusta alba. The perfume is sweet and short, compact flowers appear in late spring.

Fruiting Grapes – there is no reason to not have a grapevine in the backyard. They are incredibly hardy, fast growing and produce bunches of sweet grapes with almost no care. The can also be planted as a living wall. Erect a frame that’s strong enough to hold the weight of the foliage. Reinforcing mesh is good value, sturdy and long lasting.

Passionfruit vine – in most areas of Australia the passionfruit grows like a weed. In the cooler areas it will need protecting from frosty mornings, once it reaches the height of a pergola it’s a little hardier to cold weather. Passionfruit are evergreen, so are the perfect choice for hot positions and growing on a pergola guarantees easy harvesting.

Pandorea jasminoides – is a vigorous warm area climber that bears tubular bell like flowers. The feature of this climber is the dark green glossy foliage and it’s a perfect choice for use when creating a tropical garden style.

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