• Remove any weeds from the area, as Everlastings don’t compete very well with vigorous weeds. Rake the soil over to loosen the top layer and add a quality soil improver (about 1 ice-cream container per square metre) with 1 handful of Pure Blood and Bone and rake smoothly. The extra nutrients from the soil improver will help nourish the small seedlings as they germinate.
  • Take the seed and put in a bucket with Organic soil improver and mix thoroughly. This acts as a spreader and will ensure even coverage of the seed. Pure Everlasting seed will pack together and trying to spread without this step results in a patchy verge.
  • Spread the seed/soil improver mix and rake lightly. Water in well or wait until the first rains. They will germinate very quickly and will respond to an application of PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food Flowers, Fruit & Citrus when they are about 10-15cm tall. PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food Flowers, Fruit & Citrus will release nutrients slowly and result in strong stems and spectacular flowers.
  • When plants reach approx 5cm nip growth tip out to encourage multiple stems, which results in many flowers. Apply Seasol (30mL concentrate per 9 litres of water) every 2 to 4 weeks to promote strong root development and healthy growth.
  • To extend the flowering season, apply PowerFeed for Flowers, Fruit and Citrus (liquid) every 2 to 4 weeks (50mL concentrate per 9 litres of water).

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