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  • Notice changes in the environment and the changes in the shadows. As the sun lifts in the sky, plants that were previously in the shade are suddenly exposed to the sun or vice versa. If you have plants in pots, depending upon the variety can benefit from being moved to a more suitable position.
  • Take 5 minutes out of your day to wander the courtyard, backyard or balcony, preferably with a cup of tea in hand. The benefit of taking a few minutes out of the day is not only for you, but for the plants. The power of observation is a wonderful thing, by slowing down and dead heading spent flowers or plucking a few leaves, you will get to notice what is normal or unusual. By noticing earlier rather than later often disasters can be averted. The power of observation is a wonderful thing.
  • Select the varieties of plants that will grow in your aspect and climate. No point in making life hard for yourself, particularly if you are starting out.
  • Regular liquid fertiliser such as PowerFeed is a must, particularly if your garden is in pots. We expect a lot from our plants growing in a confined soil area. These plants will benefit from fortnightly applications will produce strong healthy growth more resistant to attack from pests or disease. If you are unsure of what fertiliser to use on your garden or a particular variety of plant check out our guide on all you need to know about fertilisers.

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