Seasol – PowerFeed LawnFeed with Nigel Ruck

There is nothing better than a well-kept lawn complimenting your house and garden. Lawns look so much better with regular maintenance and a good fertiliser. PowerFeed LawnFeed takes your lawn to another level, as it has everything your lawn needs, plus beneficial microbes to look after your lawn above and below the ground.

PowerFeed LawnFeed has a balanced blend of slow and quick release nutrients plus trace elements to feed all lawns including buffalo. It contains seaweed to stimulate the root system, and thicken grass, thus helping replace ugly patches.  It helps reduce stress from heat, drought, frost and foot traffic. Beneficial microbes work to improve the soil structure, allowing nutrient uptake to the root zone.

Apply 20-30grams (handful) per square metre at the start of spring, summer and autumn. And remember to water in it thoroughly afterwards.