We all know how we feel after a long heat wave – a tad frazzled, well our plants suffer the same fate. Burnt leaves on plants is typical of sun scorch or damage from reflected heat and highlights the importance of creating a little shade in our gardens to protect plants from the brunt of summer sun.

Follow the S.W.I.M principle for a fantastic summer garden.

S= create a light dappled shade for garden areas. Afternoon sun is the most damaging for young plants. Shade can be created by planting small trees that grow to only 3m high or drape with shade cloth.

W= adding wetting agents such as Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner is crucial to a successful summer garden. A wetting agent ensures water is not wasted and penetrates to the plants roots where it’s needed.

I= improve soil with organic matter. Manures, composts and soil improvers, when mixed into the soil will hold water around plants roots, rather than draining past. For an easy no dig option, try Seasol Liquid Compost. Mix 50mL of Seasol Liquid Compost concentrate per 9 litres of water (standard watering can) every couple of months, or try one of our hose-on packs.

M= is one of the most important water saving tips. Coarse mulch will shade the soil keeping it cool and reducing evaporation. Most fine feeder roots of plants are in the top 10cm of soil and need to stay cool and protected so plants can continue growing. Apply mulch to a depth of at least 75mm.

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