Succulents and summer are perfectly suited together because they are incredibly waterwise and will survive long periods of drought. Succulents lend themselves to being the perfect choice to compliment the strong architectural features and bold lines of the built environment which are so popular at the moment. These plants have some of the most varied foliage forms that make them so interesting for the modern contemporary garden. And to think nature created them.

With the summer weather in front of us a collection of different succulents will brighten up a balcony, verandah or garden bed with ease.

If planted in pots ensure the drainage holes are not blocked and pot up with a specialist Cacti and Succulent potting mix. These mixes are designed to drain freely. Lift pots up off the ground so the water goes straight through the soil (one of the only times we want this to happen) and don’t put a saucer under the pot as they can rot very easily. One of the main reasons that succulents die in the home garden situation is by over watering. The soil needs to dry out between waterings as they hate being waterlogged.

Many gardeners can’t get used to seeing dry soil and feel obliged to water the soil, but succulents can cope with many months of dehydration. They can get to the point where the foliage feels limp and almost wrinkly, then one good application of water and they are back to looking brilliant again. If the soil they are in gets very dry an application of a wetting agent will ensure the potting mix hasn’t become ‘waxy’ and water repellent. Even succulents will benefit from an application of a wetting agent throughout the year.

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