To keep the plants looking their best use a granular fertiliser suitable for pots at the beginning of every season. 

Apply PowerFeed Controlled Release All Purpose including Natives. Application rates are on the back of the container. Remember to mix into the top soil or potting mix and water in thoroughly.

Summer colour combinations:

  • Scaevola, Dahlia (with dark burgundy foliage) and Coreopsis
  • Bambino Bougainvillea, Verbena and Liriope Limelight
  • Prostrate Rosemary, Dwarf Buddleia, Salvia greggii

Silver colour combinations:

  • Leucophyta, Olearia and Lavender
  • Cerastium ‘Snow in Summer, Westringia and Senecio
  • For a mixed silver planter combine Olearia, Lavender,Leucophyta and Westringia

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