Seasol treated plants

not only deal with drought stress better …….

they RECOVER better……

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Experiment Design:

The experiment was designed based on 5 stages:

Stage 1 – Growing plants with treatments for 21 days

Stage 2 – 1st Plant Drought Stress for 5 Days

Stage 3 – 1st Plant Recovery for 2 Day

Stage 4 – 2nd Plant Drought Stress for 4 Days

Stage 5 – 2nd Plant Recovery for 2 Day

Experiment Setup:

The tomato drought test was developed at Seasol International R&D Department and the experiment observed using high resolution time lapse photography. A wicked magenta jar system was used to grow tomato plants. A single magenta jar container, filled with a premium potting soil containing a granular fertiliser with a 4-week old tomato seedling (variety: Grosse Lisse), was placed on the top of a second magenta jar (liquid reservoir container).

A hole was predrilled in the top jar. A wicking thread was used to connect the jars, transferring liquid to the soil from the liquid reservoir. The reservoirs were filled with the treatments: Seasol Commercial Seaweed Concentrate (1 in 400 dilution) or Water. The treatments were refilled as needed.

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