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Seasol is proud to be sponsoring the Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand!

Seasol – Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand Sponsorship


We love beautiful gardens. We also recognise the important role that Botanic Gardens all over the world play in the conservation of plants through biodiversity research, studying habitats and initiatives to help protect rare and threatened species. So we are excited to officially announce our new partnership with the Botanic Gardens Australia & New Zealand

For more information, please visit BGANZ

Seasol – Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand Sponsorship

Why are Botanic Gardens and plants important?

Plants are critical for life and Botanic Gardens are essential for us to be able to preserve and learn about plants. Botanic Gardens are a wealth of knowledge that helps us plan for a better future.

Good plant selection is important for gardeners, farmers, councils, landscape designers and land managers of all kinds. It is a skill that children can be taught in school and that adults can pick up later in life. Help us conserve as many plant species, cultivars and varieties as possible today, so that future generations can use them in their schools, cities, gardens, forests, and farms.

Biodiversity is a gift to the future.

Image from is Auckland Botanic Garden Threatened Native Plant Garden.

Visit Auckland Botanic Gardens

Seasol – Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand Sponsorship

Visit your local Botanic Garden

Botanic Gardens can be found in cities and country towns throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are a great place to investigate local plant species for ideas for your own garden. They are also a great place to investigate what unqiue plants grow in other countries around the world.

Image is from Tamborine Mountains Botanic Gardens in Queensland.

The Botanic Gardens at Tamborine Mountain were established in 1983 as an initiative of the Tamborine Mountain Garden Club. 

The Gardens include a glorious lake as the centrepiece, a tranquil Japanese garden, a tropical rainforest walk and many other delights.

Visit Tamborine Botanic Gardens

Seasol – Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand Sponsorship

Be sure to stop by the visitor’s centre.

When visiting a Botanic Garden, check out the visitor’s centre or talk to staff working around the garden. They can let you know what is happening in the garden at that time of year and any special features you should visit.

The image is the visitor’s centre at the Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden celebrates the unique and diverse plant life of Western Australia and is part of the worldwide network of botanic gardens committed to plant conservation.

The original vision for Perth Park, later Kings Park, was of a European style garden with lawns, shady trees, and flower beds. Recognition of the climatic differences and the low nutrient soil changed this vision.

In October 1965, the 17 hectare Western Australian Botanic Garden was opened; an everchanging, living research centre that focuses on the conservation of Western Australia’s flora and displays some of the State’s most diverse and spectacular plant groups.

Visit Kings Park and Botanic Gardens