Our native flora throughout Australia is unique and the threat made to this native vegetation can never be underestimated. It only takes one rabbit per hectare to stop natural regeneration of plant species, so you can imagine when they are in plague proportions the extent of the damage to both native flora and agricultural crops.

Newly planted trees are damaged by rabbits, adding to the cost of reforestation projects. Rabbits are not only a problem on a commercial scale; gardeners all over the country are battling rabbit problems.

It only takes one rabbit in the garden to cause severe damage. They love citrus bark and will ring bark newly planted fruit trees in one night. Kangaroo paws along with vegie gardens and soft tender seedlings are some of their favourite snacks.

Rabbits are difficult to control in a home garden situation as many of the standard rabbit controls available are for broad acre agriculture areas, so when it comes to the home garden options are often limited.

Rabbits don’t like the smell of blood and bone, so sprinkling pure organic blood and bone around the base of plants will deter those destructive teeth. The other benefit of blood and bone is it feeds the plants at the same time. Pure blood and bone can be applied every month and is safe for all plant types including natives. It’s also a great solution if a precious pet bunny lives in the backyard.

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