When the garden tools are dragged out of the shed for another season after a long summer it’s time to take a moment and run a critical eye over them. Heavy, unbalanced tools make gardening hard work and can cause strain injuries. A visit to a Garden Centre will reveal a tool for every gardening task imaginable. Look for tools that feel balanced in the hand, are lightweight and made from hard wearing materials. Try it out in the shop, if there is something that feels like it’s not right, try another brand or style.

Many of the reputable brands of tools have clever features that work for the operator and not against them. Seek out these features and see if they are an advantage for the purpose you are planning to use them for.

Keep tools sharp, oiled and cared for. Sharp tools will result in tasks completed with less effort, which means you can garden for longer periods of time before fatigue sets in.

Seek out quality lightweight long handled tools that will last a lifetime. Long handled digging tools are a gardener’s best friend. Use the long handle to your advantage and reduce the amount of bending by taking advantage of the extra leverage from the longer handle.

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