There are a few tips that will keep cold sensitive plants looking fantastic over winter.

  • Grow cold sensitive plants in large pots and place where they receive winter sun. In front of a brick or masonry wall is ideal as it absorbs the heat throughout the day and radiates it during the night. A difference of a few degrees will make a huge difference to cold sensitive plants.
  • Apply Seasol as a foliage application fortnightly throughout winter to increase natural tolerance to low temperatures.
  • Avoid overwatering plants in pots. Plants roots are more prone to rotting when soil temperatures drop. Test if a plant needs watering by sticking you finger in the soil, if it feels damp it doesn’t need water. When it feels dry water the plants it’s as simple as that.
  • Protect cold sensitive plants from cold night temperatures by covering at night when freezing temperatures are forecast.
  • Apply composting mulch around dripline. The heat produced as composting mulches breaks down will increase the temperature in the microclimate which surrounds the plant.

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