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Seasol Planting Gel

Seasol Planting Gel delivers a scientifically formulated blend of semi hydrated water storing crystals, Seasol and essential nutrients directly to the plants roots at the critical time of planting to give them the best start possible.

Features and Benefits:

  • The gel absorbs, retains and delivers water for up to 5 years.
  • The gel is re-hydrated during normal watering.
  • Gives new plants a healthy start.
  • Contains Seasol and essential nutrients.
  • 20g measure is included for ease of application.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe.

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  • Seasol Planting Gel 800grams 800g tub

Seasol Planting Gel is a combination of semi hydrated water storing crystals boosted with Seasol and essential nutrients, so it stores water and nutrients at the root zone, where the plant needs it most. The added Seasol promotes good root development and improved plant performance.

How to use it

The planting gel can be placed directly into the planting hole or incorporated into the backfill surrounding the root ball, or mixed through potting mix in pots and hanging baskets

Application Rates Scoop Supplied in Pack Grams per Scoop
Planting Seedlings 1/4 Scoop/1 Tsp 5 grams
Planting 20cm Pots 1 Scoop 20 grams
Planting 30cm Pots 1.5 Scoops 30 grams
Planting 40cm Pots 2 Scoops 40 grams
Planting Large Shrubs & Trees Up to 5 Scoops Up to 100 grams

Where to buy Seasol Planting Gel

Keep out of Reach of Children. NOT TO BE TAKEN. May irritate skin and eyes. Wash hands after use.