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Seasol for Buffalo Lawns

Seasol for Buffalo Lawns is a superior health treatment, fertiliser, soil wetter and improver for all Buffalo lawns

Features and Benefits:

  • Feeds and revitalises all Buffalo lawns
  • Improves soil health for a stronger healthier lawn
  • Promotes healthy green growth and a stronger root system
  • Reduces stress from heat, drought, frost and foot traffic
  • Conditions the soil, increases soil friability and nutrient uptake
  • Gets water to where your lawn needs it most, the root system

Typical Analysis:

W/V: Nitrogen (N) 7.0%. Phosphorus (P) 0.8%. Potassium (K) 7.0%







  • Seasol for Buffalo Lawns product information 2 litre hose-on twin pack

Seasol for Buffalo Lawns with all the benefits of Seasol, plus a superior nutrient mix, trace elements, liquid compost and a wetting agent, has been specifically formulated for all Buffalo lawns. It feeds and revitalises your Buffalo lawn, but also conditions the soil, which means you are taking care of your lawn above and below the ground. The added wetting agent makes sure that valuable water and nutrients can penetrate the root system, so it’s the perfect pick me up for a healthy lawn all year round. It’s a fast-acting soluble formulation, so you’ll see results in no time.

How to use it

This solution is formulated for hose end application. Shake Well. Remove pins from top of spray nozzle. Attach hose connector and turn on tap at low to medium pressure. If required it can be diluted for watering can use at the rate of 80 mL per 9L of water. Regular fortnightly or monthly applications will promote a healthy, lush green Buffalo lawn.

Where to buy Seasol for Buffalo Lawns

Keep out of Reach of Children. NOT TO BE TAKEN. May irritate skin and eyes. Wash hands after use.

Please click here to download the Safety Data Sheet

Please click here to download the Seasol for Buffalo Lawns Product Analysis