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Just as the garden needs a little extra attention through summer, so do our pets and putting a little space aside for the dog will ensure the garden won’t suffer from pet damage. Many dogs start digging through summer, because they want to find a cool position and the newly exposed soil (in the dog’s mind) is the perfect spot to get cool. Unfortunately, it’s always in the most inconvenient spaces.

Top tips to creating a dog friendly area;

  • Set aside a shady garden area, void of plants and fill with clean sand. This area can be retained with timber to keep the sand in a confined area.
  • Wet the sand down regularly as this will keep it cool when the dog digs.
  • Plant around the edges with strappy leaf plants that spring back when stood or rolled on.
  • Use a large clay or terracotta bowl for water. The larger the better as clay works like an old-fashioned Coolgardie Safe, keeping the water cool as it evaporates.
  • Plant Lavender, Rosemary and Mozzie Buster scented pelargoniums in the garden beds surrounding the cool dog area. These plants will help to repel mosquitoes and flies.

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