Potatoes are almost a set and forget crop for winter and perfect for small spaces or balcony gardens. A perfect winter project, one kilogram of seed potatoes has the potential to turn to 10kgs at harvest time.

Select seed potatoes from your local garden centre or hardware store, these are certified to be virus free and will produce perfect disease-free tubers every time. Potatoes develop on the stems as the plants grow, so selecting a largeish container will guarantee there’s room for tubers to develop.

  • Select a 50lt container or 40cm diameter pot. Large planter bags are ideal as they are a cost-effective container. Place in a sunny position.
  • Layer about 10cm of premium potting mix before spacing potatoes evenly around the pot. Place tubers about 10cm apart ensuring they don’t touch. Sprinkle a little Seasol Plant + Soil Booster around and cover tubers with about 10cm layer of potting mix.
  • Just as the plants break through the soil surface apply about 10cm layer of potting mix over the shoots again. Continue to layer soil until the container is full.
  • Apply PowerFeed with Troforte All Purpose including Natives when the pot is full and continue to care for the plants until they start to yellow and die back. Tip the pot out and harvest the fresh potatoes.

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