There is no other plant as popular as the poinsettia at Christmas. Traditions are hard to break and to ensure flowering before Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere these plants are subjected to many weeks of shortened day length in tunnel houses to initiate their brilliant red bracts. Once the bracts start to appear they are removed from the darkened tunnel to develop and harden to summer conditions. These plants are incredibly hardy and will continue to develop bracts and add colour to indoor areas, alfresco or patio area for months after Christmas.

To get the best from Poinsettias:

  • Often these plants are large in small pots and will dry out quickly. If possible repot into a slightly larger pot. As a general guide the more soil around the plants roots the longer the time between waterings.
  • Place in a well lit, out of direct sun position to ensure bracts don’t bleach.
  • Apply foliage fertiliser for flowering plants every fortnight.
  • After the festive season keep in a bright, well lit patio or alfresco area and if not already repotted do it now.
  • Poinsettias mass planted in a large pot or bowl will create a ‘head turning’ display for months and will surprise you by repeat flowering in late May and through early winter as this is their natural flowering time. This makes them the best value Christmas plant ever.

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